Frequent questions

My instrument is a bit 'exhausting and tires the hands. Is it possible to make it more comfortable and easy to play?

Action must be taken on the settingĀ  of the instrument by reducing the tension that is discharged on the ropes. If it depends on the form or the excessive thickness of the handle, you can intervene by changing the size. Contact me for more information and helpful tips.

Why isn't my guitar in tune?

If the tuning is not accurate only in some locations it is possible that some of the frets not been positioned correctly. If the tuning is wrong in all position, it is importantĀ  to check the octaves by acting on the bridge.

Is it possible to give more balance to the violin and readiness of the sound?

Working on the fitting, particularly on the bridge and soundpost you can optimize the sound quality making the violin freer and more responsive.

What kind of strings are are best suited to my instrument?

By analyzing the structure of the instrument and considering the needs of the musician you can get to identify the optimal strings, the ones who bring out the sound wanted through a just push through a vibrational and at the same time are not stressful or harmful at a structural level.
For more information write to federicofalaschi@gmail.com or call (+39) 338 4696199.

Do you agree to repair this instrument?

It 's always important to ask this question to the luthier before abandoning one damaged instrument. Depending on the extent of the damage and the value of the instrument (in some cases a sentimental value), it establishes together whether to proceed with the restoration and repairs that can be structural or conservative, or whether it is better to look for another tool.

I cannot tune up my violin. How can I do?

The pegs are consumed or little lubricated, or it is the nut in need of maintenance. We proceed to a control and a possible replacement.

I have an amplified instrument, when it is connected it makes strange and annoying noises. What can it be?

It can depend on entrance slow jack, on dirty or worn pots, on bad welded. You have to control the amplification device and locate the problem.