Federico Falaschi
Luthier since 2003
maker and restorer

Federico Falaschi Luthier

Falaschi luthier has been making and restoring bow instruments (violins, violas, cellos) and guitars since 2003.

The ability to repair and view historical instruments of important violin makers, besides studying documents and plans, has allowed the Falaschi luthier to trace back and recover the original manufacturing methods that have given to him manual skill and safety awareness in the work.

The musical instruments designed and made in the Falaschi's laboratory have found great interest not only in Italy but even abroad.

The professional experience, mastery of manual skills, sensitivity to details, a clear and sincere relationship give the musician the sensation to be in the right place and be understood and appreciated.


Creation and realization violin

Making of violins, viola and cellos

Bow instruments make in Falaschi's laboratory are entirely handmade from the wood trunk to the final varnishing.
The final goal is always to create a balanced and versatile instrument, easy to play and with great acoustic features and to give the finished product its unmistakable hallmark, which makes it unique and valuable.
wave or classical guitar construction

Making of classical and folk guitars

The guitars made by Falaschi Luthier are based on personal projects inspired by the models of important luthiers of the past, combining the qualities recognized in time to modern dynamism.
The skill and mastery acquired in the manufacturing of string instruments with a deep study of the guitar have allowed me to design and build high-quality guitars of great acoustic impact.


Stringed instruments restoration luthier Umbria

Repair and restoration of musical instruments

In the Falaschi's lab damaged musical instruments are repaired by wear, bumps and knocks that accidentally can take place from temperature changes and moisture that can create necklines, cracks or deformation.
restored guitar luthier Federico Falaschi

Periodic maintenance and set up

Accurate control and maintenance: strings replacement, pitch control for maximum accuracy, frame control, neck adjustment and trim, cleaning, polishing and general inspection.

Cracking and restoration horsehair

Bows, horsehair replacement and maintenance

A good violin must be accompanied by a good bow, with a proper curvature and hairs that are able to put on vibration the strings properly.
The replacement of horsehair is an important and delicate work, requiring a lot of attention even to the smallest details to ensure the player the maximum safety and reliability during his/her performances.